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In the late 1990's a malicious file began appearing in many people's email accounts. They would receive the email with the subject being "Los Angeles", the sender being "" and the date sent being "September 10, 1990." The actual text of the email was what seemed like random numbers."

Most people regarded it as spam and deleted it. However, once they deleted it, they would soon after receive the email again. The more frequently deleted, the more frequently it would appear in the recipient's inbox. It seemed as if the email was begging to be read all the way through, pleading, moaning.

At some point, for many people, they would grow angry at the constant email. Even blocking the sender could not stop this email from getting through. Some people chose to respond to the email, but they only received the same scrambled numbers back. Some chose to create a new email, but even that would not prevent them from receiving it.

Finally, a very few, growing tired of the constant barrage of the email, actually sat down and red every number, from the first to the last, trying to figure out what was really going on here. It was more than just spam now, it was something important, something serious.

An uncountable amount of time was spent trying to decipher the meaning behind these numbers, but for the unlucky people who chose to attempt it, they only failed. Interestingly, anyone who tried never gave up. They continued to pursue this deciphering, whatever the cost.

It wasn't until a year later that strange effects started to appear in those who had been reverently studying the code. Sudden out bursts of rage was the main symptom, these explosions usually occurring soon after completely reading the code fully. Other times they would lay on the floor and spin around, but just as quickly stand back up. The final effect of reading the code, however, was always the same.

Rage. Uncontrollable rage. These people would soon attack anyone who came near them, attempting to reach into their mouths and pull out their throats from the inside. Many people died.

The sudden bursts of murders caused from this malicious code finally caught the governments eye, and on May 20, 1996, they finally managed to cease this email from being sent any to any other addresses.

This was not the end of the malicious code, however. The government was interested. A list of numbers that could drive a man mad was something that held great potential. Giving this code to their experts (who had signed away their lives, knowing the risk), they waited for the results of how it worked and it's meaning.

To their surprise, they quickly received an answer. The code was not just random numbers. It was a program which could play an audio file. They quickly put this program together in functionality, and they played the audio it held.

What they heard was revolutionary. It was beyond what they ever expected to hear. It drove them all mad.

Pressing play, the words followed, in a familiar, horrible, voice. "Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down--"

A rather strange urban legend...


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